InControl For Sage User Guide

SageTV User Guide

  1. Select "Control" from the SageTV main menu.
  2. The main InControl screen will appear:

  3. To navigate, use the left, right, up and down options from your remote control.
  4. First select the location (left column), by navigating up and down.  Once you find the appropriate location, simply hit the right control to move to the devices (middle column).
  5. If you click "Select" a device in the middle column and it is a controllable device (and set that way in HomeSeer), it will toggle its status ON to OFF and OFF to ON.
  6. If you navigate to the right column (by using the right control, you can then specifically select the On, Off or Dim (if applicable buttons) to control the device.
  7. Also at the bottom, you can always view or change your Options or request a refresh of the devices from Sage.