InControl For Sage Installation Guide

HomeSeer Configuration

  1. Install the InControl plugin into your HomeSeer system by using the HomeSeer Store or Updater service.
  2. After the installation, restart HomeSeer.
  3. Be sure the InControl plugin is enabled in HomeSeer

  4. Edit any device in HomeSeer and scroll down to the Device Properties for InControl_Sage

  5. Edit the settings as follows:
    General Settings
    "Show Device in Windows Phone 7" - enable to include the device in InControl For Windows Phone 7
    "Allow control from client" - enable to allow InControl to turn the device on/off (if the device is capable)
    "Custom name for this device" - enter a name of the device to override the one listed in HomeSeer (optional)
    "Custom location/room" - enter a location of the device to override the one listed in HomeSeer (optional)
    "Default graphic" - select the graphic set closest to the device you are editing

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to enable at least one device before proceeding with the Windows Phone 7 setup.
    Status Mapping (Advanced Options)
    The Status Mapping provides for advanced configuration of the status' that appear in Sage along with the appropriate graphic to be displayed.  For typicaly devices (on, off, dim) these settings are typically not required.  However, for more advanced devices (i.e. thermometers, doors, alarm zones), setting these options will be required to give the effect you are looking for within Sage.  Once these settings are set, if you select the checkbox titled "Save Status Mapping", this will save these configurations, so the next device you edit (the first time) with this same category, they will be loaded in as default and then can be changed accordingy.
  6. Once complete Save the device changes.

Windows Phone 7 Configuration

  1. Install the InControl For WP App through the Microsoft Marketplace.
  2. The first time you launch the application you will be brought to the Welcome screen.

  3. Review the requirements and click the the settings button to continue.
  4. The Settings screen will then appear:

  5. If you wish to see a demonstration of the application, simply, select the "Enable Trial Mode" and click the Checkmark.  Otherwise once your HomeSeer plugin is properly setup and you have selected devices to be displayed, enter the settings as follows:
    "HomeSeer Username" - enter a valid user name set up in the Web Users section of HomeSeer.
    "HomeSeer Password" - enter the associated password with the Web User in HomeSeer.
    "HomeSeer URL" - enter the URL for your HomeSeer server that is accessible from the Internet.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Your HomeSeer server must be on and accessible through your router/firewalls for this application to communicate properly.
  6. Click the Checkmark icon to save your settings.
  7. If the settings are correct and your HomeSeer server is accessable via the Internet you will be brought to the main screen: